Missing children campaigns

Kites of hope

Taking the cultural icon of Pakistani spring – the Kite – we transformed it into a social vehicle to reunite missing children with their families.

The event was held in August 2016 at the Pavilion End Club in Karachi where we invited people to fly kites and join in the effort to recover missing children. Approximately 2,000 kites were printed with the pictures and details of missing children and the Roshni helpline number. The event drew in a large crowd, and was so successful that we had a second event soon after.

Truck Art Child Finder

In the Truck Art Child Finder campaign of 2018, we replaced celebrities and other images on the backs of trucks with portraits of missing children. The trucks were driven across Pakistan, including to remote parts of the country where regular media coverage is almost non-existent, to help spread awareness about the campaign.

During this campaign, we received over 3,000 calls from more than 40 cities across Pakistan, which led to the recovery of 7 long-term missing children.
The Truck Art Child Finder campaign received numerous international awards including 4 Cannes Lion Awards.